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Digital transformation is no longer a gimmick for an industry in dire need of change. The digital world is constantly evolving and operators are looking for ways to survive and thrive. Darwin’s principle of ‘survival of the fittest’ also applies to the telecoms industry. The scope, strength and speed of development of an operator is no longer the main issue; the ability to adapt to market changes with agility will be the key to success or failure.

With technology evolving rapidly and the cost of communication, storage, and computing devices continuing to fall, OTT players such as Netflix, Skype and Google have been able to expand their territories and eat into operators’ market shares. Against this backdrop, traditional telecom operators will have to undergo a digital transformation or be left behind.

In the process of digital transformation, operators will face many difficulties, such as how to synergize traditional and digital services? Are they willing to risk shrinking profits in order to transform and innovate digitally? Gartner market research shows that more than 80% of business executives want to transform their companies into digital enterprises by 2019. However, a report shows that only a quarter of the companies surveyed said they were willing to disrupt themselves in order to go digital and become more competitive.

As for digital consumer services, Accenture believes that digital content consumption such as pay-TV, VOD/online video, and online music will become the dominant big video has become a fundamental business for operators and is changing people’s lifestyles. The emergence of innovative video business forms is profoundly changing the way video services are operated and the construction and development of networks. At the same time, the need for operators to transform their traditional services is becoming increasingly urgent. The world’s four types of television technology, from satellite to Cable, to terrestrial waves, to IPTV + OTT, IP class is the fastest development, and DVB is gradually declining, basically, this is a major trend. In addition, the concept of big video is not only one-way, just now more talk is TV class business, from the perspective of the big video, but there are also other point-to-point video communication, video conferencing, and video surveillance and so on can be regarded as big video class business.

What can we do? What is the positioning of XMediaTV? We aim to provide an end-to-end streaming solution to help operators in their digital transformation, whatever you are and what video you are operating from, both domestic and international, we strive to provide 24/7 video services and industry-leading streaming solutions.

As for applications and operations, we also have new expansions, such as some new value-added services, which are based on video platforms, including games, online education, and also never stop enriching video content presenting on XMediaTV flexible portal system, for operators to be able to gain more revenue.

For example, intelligent advertising based on big data platforms will enable operators to tap into the characteristics of their subscribers, further enhancing the value of advertising, thus achieving the accurate delivery of advertising. Content aggregation, not only of our own content but also of adding other platforms, ultimately provides a better experience for users.

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