Important features to consider for your video-on-demand platform

The key features to look for in a VOD platform include the following. For your specific use case, you may not need all the features, but it is good practice to be familiar with them.

Content Management System. Keep your videos organized and marked for search. Help viewers find what they’re looking for, keep them watching longer, and make your content more impactful. Admit users have full administrative access to the backend system. Users can access the system via browser to manage the whole OTT platform, such as configuring transcoding parameters, uploading media sources, managing live streaming, changing ads, the whole process is simple and reliable.

1.VOD media preparation. The professional-grade VOD platform allows users to automatically watch videos in the highest quality suitable for their devices and Internet connections. The batch ingest/upload and high quality transcoder features are always well worth the money. Offline viewing experience is available to users anytime, anywhere during complex internet connections. Integration with multiple payment gateways. paypal, BrainTree, PayHere, Dialog and in-app purchases. Apple and Google Pay.

3.Monetization features. Depending on your business or organization, you may want to monetize the content you host. Make sure the platform has monetization and advertising features (ad delivery, playback, and integration with ad servers and paywall platforms) for on-demand videos that meet your needs.

3.The right video player. Not all video players are created equal. A video player that provides the best video quality for both on-demand and live content is a must. The player should also have an easily customizable user interface, extensive device coverage, and multilingual subtitles and instructions.

4.Privacy and security. You’ll want to protect your video content and customer data on all devices. At a minimum, look for a platform with good digital rights management (DRM) software to control the use, modification, and distribution of your copyrighted works everywhere. In addition, you may want to integrate password protection for exclusive and secure access to your subscription service.

XMedia DRM is a comprehensive multi-DRM solution that meets the protection and operational needs of TV operators, content providers and application developers for premium content.

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