What is OTT platform,How do you monetize video content?

Netflix, Hulu and Disney all have one thing in common besides being household names, I’ll give you a hint, they’re all OTT, if you haven’t heard of OTT before you’re not alone, so stick around and I’ll tell you everything you need to know. We’re going to talk about one of my favorite topics, how to make money online through video and how OTT can help you do that, we’re in the middle of the OTT revolution and the video streaming world is experiencing a huge growth.

What does OTT platform mean?

You will understand three things, what exactly is OTT and why it is considered the future of video consumption.
First, let me explain what OTT is. OTT is an acronym for Over the Top, and it means that instead of transmitting video over traditional cables, we are transmitting video over the Internet, to your laptop, phone, Xbox, and other devices. So instead of delivering video over traditional cables, it’s delivered over the Internet, and although OTT has been around for a while,

it’s now become mainstream and has earned its place in the media, and I’ve noticed there’s a lot of terminology that everybody gets all the time. I notice there are a lot of terms that people often get confused with, these terms are OTT devices, OTT services, providers and content providers, OTT applications and OTT platforms, I promise, all right first and foremost are OTT devices, which are any device that can bypass traditional cables and carry over the Internet. Internet, such as Apple TV roku, Amazon Fire TV chromecast Android TV,

there are many, for example, even your laptop and your phone, streaming, via the Internet, can be considered OTT as well, followed by OTT streaming services and, OTT content providers. As the name implies, these are content providers, like your Hulu, your Disney, and your Netflix, your HBO, now, you can watch anytime, anywhere, these are all OTT, content providers, but let’s move away from the big names.

What are OTT service providers?

Secondly, there’s actually a myth, and I want to unravel this with you, that OTT apps are not just for the big companies, even small independent providers can launch their own OTT apps and be very successful, take Kweli TV for example, they have a library of over 400 movies, documentaries celebrating the global black community. They have launched their own OTT app for all types of devices, including Apple TV, Rock, Amazon Fire, Android TV, and of course desktops and phones, and their OTT app allows users to watch their content in the same immersive experience as Netflix and Hulu.

But this content is niche and more personal, so for businesses, entrepreneurs, creators of all kinds, OTT allows you to reach your audience anywhere in the world, so the glue that holds everything together now is actually the OTT app. The technical specifications, provided by these devices, these are, the apps that actually make the video streaming right to your home company, such as your screen, enabling you to launch your own apps, these different OTT, devices, When you search in the app store, download the premium TV app, now it’s on my Apple TV and I can now play all their content on my Apple TV.

Last but not least is the OTT platform, which is the company, such as your screen, that enables you to launch, your own applications. So it’s not just the big companies that can have their apps, companies, and thousands of others that use Xmediatv‘s OTT platform to launch their own apps to be able to offer them to their viewers on these platforms.

How do you monetize an OTT?

People want to learn new things, think about how many people are watching how to do videos, tutorials and all these different types of learning content that are consumed online and people also need to learn new things because a lot of people are unemployed and they are looking for new ways to make money, they are looking to improve their skills and that eventually. You can understand that the OTT market is expanding rapidly because a lot of people are searching and watching content at home, but don’t get me wrong, we’ll get to that point, eventually.

Over time, we will be viewing 25% of our content on OTT devices by 2025. That’s a significant increase, we’re talking about over 500 million people, viewing more content than they do today, video has always been a big deal for us, but it’s never been so integrated into our lives, it’s not something that’s going away anytime soon, we can now see that video is not just the norm for consumers, it’s absolutely vital

Which OTT platform has the highest revenue?

So, what can OTT do for you. For a business, OTT enables you to broadcast your video anywhere in the world and consumers can watch it at any time, which means you can build a recurring business by selling your content that they can watch from the comfort of their home at any time, and at the same time, OTT can be a launch pad for new businesses that want to put their content online. If you play it right, you can make significant revenue from launching your own OTT apps, I’m talking six figures, plus platforms like your screen that enable you to get your own apps on these OTT devices,

all you need to do is upload your content, organize it, and they will launch and build apps for you, you can launch on-demand video, and live streaming, and most importantly, you can monetize them . Most importantly, you can monetize them, we’ve gone through what OTT is, the various types of OTT, how to launch your own OTT app, and how to make money from OTT, I hope I’ve inspired you to launch your own OTT app and start your online video journey, for more information on launching your own app and streaming services, be sure to check out Xmediatv .